OCR Visioning Group


Operating during the 2016-2017 Academic Year, the OCR Visioning Group evaluated how the campus engages with companies, how the Office of Corporate Relations can best assist Illinois students, staff, and faculty in this engagement, and how the Office of Corporate Relations supports campus economic development efforts.

Committee Status:

No Longer Active


Paul Kenis, Chair


  • Magdi Azer
  • Jen Bernhard 
  • German Bollero
  • Steve Boppart
  • Brian Cunningham
  • Barry Dickerson 
  • Bruce Fouke 
  • Brendan McGinty
  • Jennifer Quirk 
  • Kim Surles
  • Janelle Weatherford 
  • Scott Wilkin 
  • Jeffrey Woods 

Ex Officio

  • Melissa Edwards

Charge Statement:


The group was charged with looking at four particular areas:

  1. Responsibilities: What should be the responsibilities of OCR in fostering engagement with corporations and how would those relate to the responsibilities of departments, colleges and other units? 
  2. Resources: How should the OCR prioritize its limited resources to support multiple objectives with companies of varying relationship maturities and different relevance to various campus units? 
  3. Activities: What activities should be undertaken by other units to increase the breadth and effectiveness of corporate engagement on the campus? How can the OCR best assist units in supporting the campus mission of economic development? 
  4. Communications: How can the OCR best establish strong two-way communication with all internal stakeholders, so that its resources are well-used? How can the OCR and campus leadership best communicate the realities of corporate cultural norms and corporate relationship development lifecycle to faculty? How can the OCR and campus leadership best communicate the opportunities presented by engagement with companies, without creating unrealistic expectations? 

The group delivered a report to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation in June 2017.