Who is affected?


Who is affected?


Researchers in the following situations are potentially affected.

  1. Staff paid an administrative stipend by the college or unit during the year, where the stipend has been factored into summer salary. It may be necessary to convert the administrative stipend to a 12-month stipend, or to take other action.
  2. Faculty who expect to be paid more than 2.85 months of summer effort on sponsored grants or contracts during summer 2015. Some portion of salary may need to be covered from discretionary funds or by redistributing some summer effort to the academic year.
  3. Service-in-excess payments that are funded by sponsored grants or contracts. The grant PI should consult with Post-Award accounting to make sure that these payments are allowable.
  4. Non-faculty researchers whose appointments are funded 100% on grants should not engage in unallowable activities. If necessary, the appointment should be restructured so that it is not 100% grant funded.

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