Research Development Community

Connecting the UIUC Research Community

The Illinois Research Development Community (RDC) is a network that strengthens awareness of campus research resources, promotes activities and events, and ultimately helps to support the productive conduct of research at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

What Is Research Development?

Research development* at UIUC includes a range of activities:

  • Identifying and disseminating funding opportunities.
  • Developing grant/contract proposals.
  • Building research teams.
  • Interacting with funding agencies and institutional research administration and leadership.
  • Interacting with institutional federal and philanthropic relations, and communications and outreach activities and training.

*Text borrowed heavily from the National Organization of Research Development Professionals.

What Does RDC Do?

The group has four distinct, but interrelated, charges:

  • To share information about policies, events, and opportunities that affect the Illinois research community.
  • To develop and maintain templates, processes, and best practices for supporting Illinois researchers.
  • To build and support member literacy in a range of topics related to research development.
  • To collaborate with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and the campus research community to identify research development. challenges and support changes that enhance campuswide research development activities.

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Melissa Edwards
Executive Director of Strategic Research Communications