Research Safety Council


Assists campus safety units in understanding how best to support the health and safety needs of investigators and to provide a channel of communication to strengthen cooperation between the safety units, principal investigators, and the responsible unit administrators. Convened by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and the Executive Director of Facilities & Services.

Committee Status:

No Longer Active


  • Robert Aherin
  • Brian Anderson
  • Maureen Banks
  • David Boehm
  • Richard Cahill
  • Robert Fritz
  • Derek Fultz
  • Lyndon Goodly
  • Craig Grant
  • Stephanie Hess
  • Lois Hoyer
  • Feng Sheng Hu
  • Liang Liu
  • Robert Mann
  • Neal Merchen
  • Mark Mikel
  • Monica Miller
  • Sara Jo Myers
  • J. Mark Niswander
  • Jan Novakofski
  • John Orawiec
  • Greg Pluta
  • Paul Redman
  • David Scherer
  • Jeffrey Schrader
  • Lisa Shipp
  • Todd Short
  • Jesse Ryan Southern
  • Ken Tarman
  • Kristopher Williams
  • Robert Woodward